mediven ulcer kit®

Treatment for leg ulcers

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  • Knee-length stockings
    AD standard or petite

Simple and effective treatment for venous leg ulcers.

The mediven ulcer kit helps you to manage your patients’ venous ulcers without the bulk of a multi layer bandage system and the resources required to manage them.

How it works

The grey mediven ulcer liner stocking is applied over the top of any wound dressings. The patient then wears a mediven plus stocking over the liner during daily activity to give a total compression of 40mmHg at the ankle. For greater patient comfort the outer stocking should be removed at night leaving the liner in place to provide a continued therapeutic level of compression. The liner stockings contain interwoven silver which helps to reduce odour.

medi ulcer kit

  • Reduces your time spent bandaging
  • Applies accurate pressures
  • Allows your patient to self manage the level of pressure
  • Is less bulky, which improves comfort and mobility
  • Offers a greater degree of patient independence, self confidence and concordance
  • Is machine washable
  • Inner stocking is washable to 90° (hospital wash)
  • Available on FP10 / GP10 prescription

Ordering information

The mediven ulcer kit can be ordered as a kit or as individual components.

The kit contains:

  • 2 x liners (under-stockings)
  • 1 x mediven plus over-stocking (these can be ordered seperately)
  • 1 x easy-on applicator

Also available on FP10/GP10, click on link below for Patient Referral Form


Measuring Chart:

circumference (cms) I II III IV V VI VII
below knee cD 27-33 29-36 32-39 34-42 36-45 38-48 40-50
calf cC 28-34 30-37 33-40 35-43 37-46 39-49 41-51
ankle cB 18-20 20-22 22-24 24-26 26-28 28-30 30-32

length measurements in cms (A-D):

  • regular: 39-44cm
  • petite: 34-38cm

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