mediven® plus

Reliable and accurate compression

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  • Knee-length stocking
    AD standard or petite (also extra wide calf)
  • Thigh-length stocking
    AG standard or petite (also extra wide topband)
  • Thigh-length with waist attachment left/right (AG standard or petite)
  • Pantyhose
  • AT standard or petite
  • Maternity pantyhose 
  • AT/U standard or petite
  • Men’s tights with open fly 
  • AT/H standard or petite
  • One legged panty left and right

The tried and tested compression stocking for both men and women.

Tried and tested RAL quality compression, popular with both men and women. mediven plus provides reliable, accurate and comfortable compression and is latex-free. Accurate compression is achieved due to the following criteria:

  • 3 RAL classes
  • 7 sizes
  • 2 leg lengths
  • extra wide variants
  • designed to last for up to 6 months

Fit most patients without the need for made to measure. There are 7 off the shelf sizes and many styles including:

  • below knee - extra wide calf
  • thigh length - extra wide thigh
  • thigh with waist attachment
  • special requests catered for e.g. closed toe

Patients will feel more confident wearing a stocking that not only provides accurate compression but is also soft, supple and hypo-allergenic.

The advanced construction of the yarn ensures mediven plus garments are:

  • very comfortable
  • highly elastic
  • hard wearing and durable
  • suitable for washing and spin drying


  • black & beige from stock. Caramel as special request.

medi have a range of aids to assist in the application and removal of compression hosiery

A wide selection now available on FP10/GP10 prescription.

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Explanation of compression classes

CCL 1 Compression in mmHG 18 - 21
Compression in kPa 2.40 - 2.80
CCL 2 Compression in mmHG 23 - 32
Compression in kPa 3.10 - 4.30
CCL 3 Compression in mmHG 34 - 46
Compression in kPa 4.50 - 6.10

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