Extra features

The reason why mediven are so comfortable

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Extra features

There is a world of difference between the “elastic stocking” of previous times and our modern compression hosiery.

New processes have improved comfort, hygiene and appearance. The resulting high level of quality is the consequence of decades of development work using innovative production processes and materials. In our opinion, however, this is not a reason to rest on our laurels and we are continuing to look for further improvements.

The unique yarn combination of two elastane components guarantees maximum length-ways and transverse elasticity and provides optimum comfort. The compression stockings are easy to put on and have a perfect, wrinkle free fit. The high-tech yarn allows us to create fine and sheer hosiery.

Clima Comfort and Clima Fresh

Clima Comfort ensures maximum comfort. The technology is based on a special yarn, which is enclosed in a variety of functional materials. These fibres rapidly wick moisture away from the surface of the skin and transport it to the outside. This prevents an unpleasant feeling of dampness in the event of perspiration. The fabric is also breathable. This ensures the best possible supply of oxygen to the skin, preventing it from drying out.

Clima Fresh prevents bacteria and micro-organisms from colonising the fabric or replicating, thus avoiding unpleasant odours. The anti-bacterial effect is achieved by a special spinning process and not by a subsequent chemical treatment. Regular washing does not reduce this effect.