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You can rely on mediven products; they are tailored for maximum compliance to guarantee the best possible treatment success.

We have the right compression garment for every indication. They are manufactured to the highest standard on modern machines using the best available yarns. All garments are clinically effective and are designed to be as comfortable as possible to encourage patient compliance. medi also supply a wide range of fitting aids and other accessories to assist with compression therapy.

medi's aim is to produce the best quality medical products in the world, guaranteeing effective solutions for a wide range of conditions.

medi’s medical aids can be obtained from specialist retailers, hospitals and clinics, doctors’ practices, pharmacies, therapists or direct from us.

Quality every time: in product, in service, in ordering and in delivery.

All our products are latex free.

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medi UK are members of the British Healthcare Trades Association

When you see the BHTA logo, it is a sign that this company has agreed to abide by the BHTA's Code of Practice, which has been approved by the Trading Standards Institute.  It also means that you can expect to be treated courteously by our staff who know about the products or services they are selling and who will offer you fair and transparent terms of business.

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